+the Institute for [Experimental Arts] announces new international collaborations

+ the Institute [ for Experimental Arts ] 
announces the new collaborations established for the creation of participation of the International Film Poetry Festival in Sat. 10 Nov. 2012 in Athens Polytechnic University and we hope will offer new possibilities for future art shows in Greece and abroad.

Moving Poems 
The Best Poetry Video in internet
Moving Poems, an on-going anthology of the best poetry videos from around the web, appearing at a rate of one every weekday most weeks. Be sure to click on the full-screen icon, which varies in design according to the hosting service, near the bottom right corner of almost all the videos. A few will be too low-resolution to look good at anything larger than the display size here, but an increasing number really benefit from the full-screen treatment.
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Immprint LTD 
Graphic Design Consultancy
Immprint ltd is a highly skilled full service design agency based in Highgate, North London. It was established in 2004 and provides creative graphic design services to clients of many shapes and sizes located all over the world.

for more info about Immprint ltd :

Animamation studio

Sherbet is a BAFTA winning independent production company and animation studio creating ground breaking visuals across an unlimited range of media.
Set up in 1996, they’ve produced TV advertising campaigns through many of the world’s foremost advertising agencies. They have also produced short films and documentaries, including the first full-length animated documentary made for British television.

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Blocs de Lletres

Hiperblog Català de Literatura
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