The Institute for Experimental Arts was founded in 2008 in Athens- Greece as a non-profit platform of creative expression and research in the fields of theater, performance art, digital media, installation, poetry and art theory. The Institute is committed to existing as an open meeting point for poets-writers, directors, actors, theater engineers/ technicians, performance artists, photographers, video artists and the writers who develop new analytical tools on contemporary art, media & communication.


10 AWARDS – 9th International Video Poetry Festival

The 9th International Video Poetry Festival and the Institute for Experimental Arts awards the 10 Outsanding Video Poems of this year.
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FILMPOETRY.ORG – New Digital Platform

We are a platform for democratizing film making, a journey on artistic expression, experimental storytelling, and fascinating portrayal of social life.
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10th International Video Poetry Festival – CALL OUT

The International Video Poetry Festival in Athens attempts to create an open public space for the creative expression of all tendencies and streams of contemporary visual poetry. The IVPF has...
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Liminal Archive by Al Límite | New York

Liminal Archive invites audiences to explore imposed borders and perceived isolation throughout the pandemic from an international perspective.
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Theatre & Performance Masterclass- International Webinar- July 2021

The Institute for Experimental Arts presents an empowering four days theatre and performance webinar created for students of all skill levels.
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René Pollesch of Volksbuhne Theater defends Embros to Greek Ministry of Culture

The letter of support for the Self-Organized Theater EMBROS sent to the leadership of the Greek Ministry of Culture by the great director René Pollesch, art director of historical Volksbühne...
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9th International Video Poetry Festival – Programme

It will be a strong festival dedicated to all of you who were very courageous and strong to face the pandemic.
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Αρνούμαστε να γίνουμε οι «καλλιτέχνες του zoom»

Με τεράστιες δυσκολίες, μεγάλα προβλήματα και χωρίς καμία επίσημη ενημέρωση από το υπουργείο Πολιτισμού συνεχίζουν τις σπουδές τους διαδικτυακά νέες και νέοι σπουδάστριες-ες της Κρατικής Σχολ...
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