Review International Video Poetry Festival #11: A Celebration of Artistic Expression

The Institute for Experimental Arts recently hosted the 11th edition of the International Video Poetry Festival on 19th and 20th April 2024. This remarkable event brought together artists, poets, and enthusiasts from various corners of the globe, showcasing their exceptional talents in the video art stage, the video poetry zone, and the live spoken word zone.

Over the course of two days, attendees were treated to captivating performances, insightful workshops, and thought-provoking discussions. The festival’s warm and supportive atmosphere encouraged collaboration and fostered a sense of unity among participants. The diverse audience applauded and celebrated each performance, making it an unforgettable experience for all involved.

The festival featured two stages, each bustling with activity throughout the event. The video art zone attracted a crowd, as many eagerly explored the creative works on display. This year’s festival was particularly special, as it featured a plethora of outstanding video and film poems, as well as captivating art projects in the video art zone.

Video Art Zone

In the Video Art Zone, attendees were captivated by exceptional art projects such as “Lunatic” by Robin Noorda from the Netherlands, “Sun & Shadow” by Melina Loukanidou from Greece, “La Vie en Rouze” by Elle Kunnos de Voss from the United States, and “Fragment of a Letter” by Micha Kunze from Germany.

Video Poetry Zone

In the Video Poetry Zone some of the standout video and film poems included “Wind whisperer” by Ferri Caicedo from Ecuador, “We Are the Dinosaur” by H. Paul Moon from the USA, “Ver Gekomen” by Desiree Brands and Joris Weerts from the Netherlands, “PANG” by Jamin Scotti from the USA, “Machi” by Eoghan McDonaugh from Nepal, “Fathers’ Land” by Francesco Di Gioia from Italy, “Broken Arabic” by Amal Kassir from the USA, and “Dust of Cosmos” by Anastasia Maria Gkivalou from Greece.

The festival also offered successful workshops led by esteemed artists and poets like Miss Yankey and Camilla Holm Soelseth. Participants had the opportunity to enhance their creative skills and gain valuable insights into the world of poetry and platformization on social media.

International Spoken Word Live

The second day of the festival was the Live Zone and it was dedicated to spoken word artists, showcasing an impressive lineup of talented performers from various countries. Some of the notable artists who graced the stage of the Theatre Empros include Miss Yankey (UK), Sally Rawhey (Egypt), Madara Gruntmane (Latvia), Tasneim Zyada (Palestine), Moeflowz (USA), Dionne D Hunter (USA), Luna Montenegro & Adrian Fisher (Chile – UK), Aniss Benarrioua (Algeria), Hlín Leifsdóttir + Morton (Iceland), Maria A. Ioannou (Cyprus) and Anna Pantic (Serbia).

Greek Poets Community

One of the festival’s highlights was the performance of Hlín Leifsdóttir + Morton, which left a lasting impression on the audience. The Greek poets, including Sissy Doutsiou, Tasos Sagris & Whodoes, Witness, Jessica Hyde, Anatoli, Giasemaki, Elektra Lazar, Ze Mitsos, Poppy Delta, Nikolas Koutsodontis, Katerina Zisaki, Yiannis Raouzaios, Evi Lampropoulou, Orestis Batakis, Manolis Nanouris, Tonia Kosmadaki, Penny Millia, Efstathia P., Anna Afentoulidou, and Kiriaki Cristoforidi, also delivered captivating spoken word performances and poetry readings that were described as fantastic, impressive, enthusiastic, and energetic.


The International Video Poetry Festival serves as a platform for these artists to connect, collaborate, and learn from one another, fostering a sense of unity and shared passion for poetry and art. As the festival continues to grow and evolve, it remains a testament to the power of creativity and the enduring spirit of artistic expression. The organizers and attendees eagerly anticipate the next edition of this remarkable event, as they embark on another journey of discovery and inspiration.


We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the talented photographers Melek MoussaBEHANCE , Olga Bakopoulou from Photolexi (PHOTOLEXI), Zinovia Chatzidaki, and Tasos Sagris for their incredible work capturing the festival moments. Your dedication and artistic vision truly bring these memories to life and help us cherish these special moments. Thank you for your contribution to the festival’s success and for sharing your passion for photography with us.

We would like to express our gratitude to the talented filmmaker Tia Naamy from Lebanon, who is a part of The Intuitive Film Lab based in Lebanon. She has skillfully designed the program for the International Video Poetry Festival #11. Thank you, Tia, for your remarkable contributions to the world of film and poetry.

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