11th SARDAM Interdisciplinary Literature Festival- Limassol Cyprus

The Institute for Experimental Arts participates in the
11th SARDAM interdisciplinary literature festival
(22 – 24 September 2023, Limassol)

SARDAM 2023 presents 5 video poems that have been awarded in the International Video Poetry Festival by The Institute for Experimental Arts

The videos will be screened during the group events of live performances, on the 23rd and the 24th of September at Sinergio theatre (91 Eleftherias street, Limassol) at 20.00
Reservations: 99558358

Saturday 23 September / starts at 20.00


Director: Panagiotis Rappas. Voice over: Michail Marmarinos GREECE 8′

Images from the poetic universe of Miltos Sachtouris

RETURN Director: Marcos Sanchez (CHILE). Poetry & Music: Supermoon Blues(Drea Chuma) BOTSWANA / NETHERLANDS 1.57


Director: Marcos Sanchez (CHILE). Poetry & Music: Supermoon Blues(Drea Chuma) BOTSWANA / NETHERLANDS 1’57”

A meditation on the importance of keeping your inner child alive.

STATUE Director: Luk Ho Hai My VIETNAM 1:37


Director: Luk Ho Hai My VIETNAM 1’37”

“Statue” is a visual poem detailing about people are becoming more and more emotionless like inanimate stones, but somewhere, there will still be a warm heart deep inside of us, or maybe it never return.

Sunday 24 September / starts at 20.00


Director: Ian Gibbins. Poetry & Music by Tasos Sagris & WhoDoes AUSTRALIA / GREECE 8’45”

: 11th SARDAM Interdisciplinary Literature Festival- Limassol Cyprus


Director: Pater/Son FRANCE 1’03”

In a postmodern vision of Dubai, strange things are happening.
We follow a woman wearing a burqa surrounded by pornographic imagery; however, instead of her face, we see explicit images.
Haram is a very short, experimental movie that reads more like a conceptual art installation. You can’t summarize Haram, you just have to experience it.

Saturday 3 September 23 20023

starts 20.00 at Sinergio theatre / 91 Eleutherias str.

LIVE spoken word performance

Insult of Public Modesty

by Sissy Doutsiou

Sissy Doutsiou is a poet and actress, member of the Institute of Experimental Arts and Void Network. Her audio-visual spoken word LIVE in the international SARDAM festival is based on collaborations with music producers of the rap and synth wave international scene expressing lonely people, heroes in love, repressed instincts and spontaneous actions. Ecstatic life and love. An existential flare against normality, breaking the window of the 21st century.

11th Sardam International Festival: literature otherwise
Insult of Public Modesty
Sissy Doutsiou
music producers: Dimitris Koufoudakis, Biomass
masks: Charlotte dancers: Anthi Kettirou. Elisavet Panagiotou. Sotiris Sotiriou.
Georgia Clark Konstantinou. Maria Charalambous

ALL festival programme:

11th SARDAM interdisciplinary literature festival

(22 – 24 September 2023, Limassol)

After last year’s 10-year anniversary at Rialto Theatre in Limassol and at S22 in Athens, SARDAM festival returns slightly more reserved but still rich and vibrant. Like every year, writers-performers and other artists from Cyprus and abroad will be sharing original experiences of writing, reading and performing, through a variety of acts, workshops, screenings and parallel events. Common ground will be the combination of literature/text and spoken word with traditional and modern means of expression like theatre, technology, sound / music, contemporary dance, poetry slam, visual arts, videopoetry, and so on.

For the first time this year, the Main Event of the festival will be divided into two separate nights which will showcase different acts each time, at Sinergio theatre on the 23rd and the 24th of September. SARDAM Residency programme will also return this year, during which two artists from abroad will be inspired by Limassol to create an interdisciplinary literary performance.

SARDAM’s 11th edition will also present the international Video Poetry festival of Athens and will showcase awarded videopoems from different parts of the world. SARDAM’s Guest of Honour will be the musician and composer/songwriter Michalis Siganides (Thessaloniki, 1958), who follows a “deconstructive” approach to songwriting and represents the musical collage in Greece, with extensive research on the poetry of Miltos Sahtouris. Workshops will be delivered by the writer Amanda Michalopoulou and by the choreopoet (a poet combining poetry with dance) Safiya Kamaria Kinshasa.

The programme of this year’s 11th SARDAM:

two group events

Saturday, 23 September & Sunday, 24 September / 8pm

Entrance fee: 5 euro per night

Synergio theatre (91A Eleftherias street, Limassol)

Group Event Ι / Saturday 23 September


  • Christos Panayiotou (interactive installation)
  • Loukia Pieridou, in cooperation with the visual artist Peter Eramian
  • Melissa Zanga, in cooperation with the musician Angelos Messios


  • The Bad Poetry Social Club
  • Sissy Doutsiou, in cooperation with the rapper Dimitris Koufoudakis and the electronic music dj Biomass


  • Safiya Kamaria Kinshasa

+ screenings of awarded videopoems, in cooperation with the international Video Poetry festival of Athens (the festival is organized every year by The Institute of Experimental Arts) – Part 1

Group Event ΙΙ / Sunday 24 September


  • Christos Panayiotou (interactive installation / continued)
  • Paris Erotokritou, in cooperation with the performer Kestrel Farin Leah and the visual artist Demetris Soteriou


  • Achilles ΙΙΙ, in cooperation with the composer and guitarist Themis Vasiliou
  • Michalis Siganides (SARDAM Guest of Honour)


  • Cristian Forte, in cooperation with the visual artist Ginés Olivares (SARDAM Residency 2023)

+ screenings of awarded videopoems, in cooperation with the International Video Poetry festival of Athens – Part 2

+2 workshops

Friday, 22 September / 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Limassol Municipal University Library / 269 Karaiskaki and Ayiou Andreou street

Creative Writing workshop by Amanda Michalopoulou (Greece) – “Restart”

*language of communication: Greek

Sunday, 24 September / 10:30am – 1:30pm

Synergio theatre / 91A Eleftherias street

Poetry through dance/movement workshop by the choreopoet Safiya Kamaria (Barbados / UK) – “Embodied Poetics”

*language of communication: English

Reservations – info: 99558358

Participation cost: 20 euro per workshop

Workshop descriptions: https://sardamcy.wordpress.com/workshops/

This year’s OPEN CALL selection committee: Adonis Volanakis (visual artist, assistant professor at the Department of Fine Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology), Maria Philippou (actress), Maria A. Ioannou (writer, artistic director of SARDAM festival).

The poster image was created by the poet and performer Konstantinos Papacharalambos.

Poster design by Stephanos Pavlou

SARDAM is organized by: aRttitude

SARDAM is supported by: EFFE Label / Deputy Ministry of Culture, Cultural Services / Limassol Council / Limassol Municipal University Library / Limassol Book Fair / The Institute of Experimental Arts / International Video Poetry Festival (IVPF) / Vivliotropio / K.P. Kyriacou Bookshop / PLATO Educational Services / Sound and Beyond Audiovisual Services.

More info – http://www.sardamcy.wordpress.com

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